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Home Improvement Companies We act as a licensed contractor for a national home improvement company, known for accepting only the top quality contractors. All Decked Out Renovations is licensed for installation of home kitchens and renovations under this company.
Plumbers New renovations can be a daunting task for any homeowner or commercial business. We make sure everything gets done right - down to the tubes and pipes supplying your water. Need a plumber? Ask us for our recommendations.
Heating & Air ConditioningIt's no small feat to get by in North Carolina heat - why do it without AC? Check with us for installation of your AC and heating units.
Professional RoofingDon't let any rain into your newest extension or renovation! We know roofing professionals from around the triangle, so be sure to ask who we endorse.

Architects & EngineersWe hire the best architects and engineers to get the job done. Need a new room designed? We've got it covered.

Realtors We know all the best local realtors and will ensure that you get the best service from our favored realtors.


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Affiliation spreads brand names and products like wild-fire. In the construction industry, we talk with a lot of people every day - each conversation is a chance to exchange favored companies. Get on that list! Contact us today.