Successful Construction Operation in New York It's not easy to break into the construction world in New York. Between companies that have existed there for a century and ambitious start-ups, it was tough, but we did it. Our New York building experience means we know how to deal with just about every job, budget, and space constriction.
Senior Regional TrainerAs part of the corporate world for eight years, Victor Porco worked under the title 'Senior Regional Trainer,' bringing customer service and education to the forefront of his work.
All Decked Out Renovations With a passion for construction, there's little more to say than 'get decked out!' We have one vision: design and build our client's dream houses, business, and extensions.

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Victor Porco successfully ran a renovation company in New York for several years before moving to North Carolina in 1994. With family already living in NC and abundant employment opportunities, Victor decided to leave behind building as a trade to start a career with the largest latex paint manufacturer in the world, where he worked as Senior Regional Trainer for eight years. The desire to run his own business inevitably took over, leading up to what we now call All Decked Out Renovations. With experience as a licensed contractor in New York and North Carolina, customer service expertise in the corporate world, and a passion for construction, Victor brings the highest quality of work, ethics, customer relations, and true love to all realms of carpentry. No matter the size of the project - from residential to commercial - we bring the best, because you need the best.